Brothers Within is a Reggae band out of Daytona Beach Shores FL. Inspired by their favorite bands, fueled by concerts, and driven by the offbeat music and vibe only reggae can deliver these guys quickly realized their passion was bringing that same vibe to others and incorporating it into their daily lives. 

One of the most obvious of these traits is the trading of instruments and switch up of vocals during their performances. The band members work together and play various instruments in order to accommodate each song, so much that that they joke about every member being required to play the bass.

Brothers Within Green

 Professional and laid back the Brothers are extremely easy to work with, being noted by many venues and sound engineers. More than just a band that will lift the energy and vibe of a venue, these guys are family oriented, community minded, and faith driven. From their originality to their individual talents both on stage and off it’s easy to see that Brothers Within is not your typical band.

With the release of our second album and new music videos, we are excited for the future and extending our reach nationally with plans of touring the East Coast, Colorado, The Virgin Islands and Costa Rica in 2024. 

We are looking to book with venues and festivals everywhere to promote our music and spread good vibes to all of our neighbors!


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    “I hired the band Brothers Within to play at my bar when they first started. I had the privilege of watching them grow into the great band they are. They brought in a good crowd and lots of positive vibes! They developed quite a following and it showed every Friday night when they played at Rick’s Surf Bar. Now their shows are selling out. They are my favorite local band!!! I highly recommend them!👍💪🤙🏻”

    -Rick Geris, Rick’s Surf Bar

    “Driven by pure passion and good vibes, Brothers Within describes their music as a blend of smooth reggae and punchy rock with a sprinkle of dub. Based out of Daytona Beach Shores, Bernie Boehm, Eric Dinger, John Festari, and Joey Speroni embody positivity both on and off stage. Known for their constant change of instruments and vocals during performances, Brothers Within preforms with a dynamic skill set.”

    -Julie Householder, Narrow Magizine

    “SOLD OUT show last night at the RokBar,  packed shoulder to shoulder! BROTHERS WITHIN!!”

    -Marc Rosenthal, Seabreeze Entertainment District